Aawara Shaam Hai | Meet Bros Ft. Piyush Mehroliyaa | Manjul, Rits Badiani, Shabbir | Hit Song

ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ 26 ਜੁਲਾਈ 2019
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The official video of our most Romantic song of 2019, #AawaraShaamHai ! Go hear it now on all audio platforms! ♪ mbmusic.fanlink.to/aawarashaamhai
Music by Meet Bros, sung by Piyush Mehroliya & Lyrics by Shabbir Ahmed. Featuring Manjul Khattar & Rits Badiani. The video was shot in Shimla by Bideowale Frame Singh.
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Song - Aawara Shaam hai
Music - Meet Bros
Singer - Meet Bros ft. Piyush Mehroliyaa
Lyrics - Shabbir Ahmed
Actor - Manjul Khattar & Rits Badiani
Programmed By - Aditya Dev
Guitars - Pawan Rasaily
Chief Music Assistant & Music Production Head - Uddipan Sharma
Music Asst. - Saheb Khan, Piyush Mehroliyaa, Monis Ahmed
Song Recorded By - Gautam Chakrabortty, Uddipan Sharma & Saheb Khan at Meet Bros Recording Studio
Mix And Mastered By - Gautam Chakrabortty at Meet Bros Recording Studio
Production Managed By - Suraj Kumar, Ruchir Saxena
♪Gaana ; gaana.com/song/aawara-shaam-hai
♪ Spotify - open.spotify.com/album/0BQZf1njTasEfHzODW19Sq
♪ Wynk - wynk.in/music/album/aawara-shaam-hai/pc_EK2892
♪ iTunes - music.apple.com/us/album/aawara-shaam-hai-feat-piyush-mehroliyaa-single/1474053321?ls=1&app=itunes
♪ Apple Music - music.apple.com/us/album/aawara-shaam-hai-feat-piyush-mehroliyaa-single/1474053321?ls=1
♪ Jiosaavn - www.jiosaavn.com/album/aawara-shaam-hai/V8YNlDBrUO8_
♪ Amazon Music - music.amazon.in/albums/B08DFZ46N5
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MB Music Team:-
Co-Founder & Label Head: Raajeev Sharma
Digital Marketing: Aakash Kumar
Operations Head: Mitasha Paintal
Admin And HR: Madiha Merchant, Vidhi Saraswat, and Yashashree Dasari
Head- Content & Partnership - Manisha Dey
Film By - Bideowale Frame Singh
Producer: MB Music
Directors - Puneet S Bedi & Mohit Midda
DOP - Shoeb Siddiqui
Editor - Dilpreetvfx
Still Making - Daas Films
Production - Sai Film Productions
Visual Effects - Fx Corner Studios
Makeup - Anthea Makeovers
Choreographer - Sahil
Child Artist - Lavanya Mittal
Assistants - Raman, Vivek, Ajay

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    Thanks you all for the love shown to the video 🙏.. soon to hit 100M views 🤗 . The Audio is now available on all platforms 🎶 https://mbmusic.fanlink.to/aawarashaamhai 👍🏻

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      I am legend I am listening in April 2021

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      ❤️i ❤️ love ❤️ you ❤️

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      My fabric song 😍😍😍😍😍

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    Arijit sir ka song dil me chhed kar deta hai Arijit sir ke liye to like banta hai yaar I love you

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    I love you vimal, miss you very much😢

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    Vishal Bhalekar

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    Really, really, really, lovely, song, *"?🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

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    Ankit Devra

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    Pritam Creation

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    Shyam prakash tiwari

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    It's only one of song only one for you. If you ever come here, please listen and feel voice of my heart 💓 .and leave comment on my comment section.please. meri kashish love from bhopal ❤️ 😍😚

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    Nilesh Dubey [DEV]

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    Amazing seen create this video

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    Anindita Debnath

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    I don't like rits bt I am addicted to this song❤️

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    All time favorite song 😍

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    Royal Rony

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    Power of meet Bros and manjul 150m

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    kashyap bhola yadav

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    Entrepreneur Hun A to Z

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    Vishnu Kashyap

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    Ankit_ Kumaar

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    Disliker's - Teri hi galiyon mein awara Sham HARAAM hai😆😆

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    om placement services

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    Meri to 4 girlfriend hai

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    Nargis Khan

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    I love this song..😍😍

    • Nargis Khan

      Nargis Khan

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    ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    still fav🤧👀❤😭

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    Attitude Girl

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    ravi chaurasiya

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    Rafikiul Islam

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    Sunil Bishoyi

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    Nice song



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    alvira sk

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    Nikhil Kashyap

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    my videos

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    Taniya Sharma

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    Azad Maurya

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  • Azad Maurya

    Azad Maurya

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    Alam Husain

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    chirag chindarkar

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    Chanchal Pandey

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    Two Sisters

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    Tanvi Aarya

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    Jb tk tera chehra utre na meri Aankhon me tb tk na meri subh hoti hai ....❤️ This is osm line,s in this song........🎶🎧🎶🥰

  • Mustakim Tyagi

    Mustakim Tyagi

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    Rajan Kumar

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    Aaskeen Qureshi

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    Thanks all for the love shown to the video

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    neha verma

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    Naim Ahmad

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    Best line teri hi galiyoon me aawara Sam h 😘😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️miss you my jaan ❤️❤️❤️F❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    Jivan Kumar

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    Sunita Debbarma

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    Varsha Gupta

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    Tech boy Ali

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    Nandini Parth

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